Transdiagnostic Addiction



The Transdiagnostic Addiction Laboratory is located at Dalhousie University under the direction of Dr. Igor Yakovenko. Our research focuses on factors that influence the development, maintenance, and treatment of substance abuse, and disordered gambling. We are particularly interested in the co-occurrence of addiction and other psychiatric disorders.

Change Determinants

We are interested in understanding the mechanisms of how individuals and populations develop and recover from addiction, with a focus on gambling, cannabis, and alcohol use.

Public Health Intervention Delivery

In collaboration with the Canadian Research Initiative on Substance Misuse (CRISM), we are developing a comprehensive evidence-based online platform for screening, self-management and referral to treatment for individuals curious about their substance use habits.

Comorbidity and Transdiagnostic Addiction

A large part of our research investigates the co-occurrence and interaction of addiction and other mental health disorders with the goal of accounting for real-world conditions where most individuals struggle with multiple comorbid disorders.

Meet our Team

We are a collaborative group of clinical researchers and students at Dalhousie University, Canada.